How About a Bill of Responsibilities?

 “Your rights stop where your siblings’ rights start!” That was one of the dad-isms I grew up with as my parents guided my four brothers and me in sharing rooms,…

What Are Your Creative Questions?

An off-the-cuff math question, “How much do you suppose they’re making off this ridiculous spectacle?”  turned an excruciatingly dull evening into a creative endeavor. Yep, a math question. The other chaperones and…

Will You Grow from Holiday Stress?

Stress Truth #1:Stress is inevitable; the only way to avoid it is to have no goals and no relationships.Stress Truth #2:Stress only harms you if you think it will harm…

How’s Your Holiday Bandwidth?

What’s your best guess? Will you… Glide through the holidays with tidings of comfort and joy? March through the holidays, bearing gifts and traveling afar? Muddle through the holidays, trying…

Is Your Staff Resisting Yoga?

Self-care is a deservedly hot topic, especially among our teachers, health professionals, and other frontline workers. Yet I’m hearing from school leaders all over the country that they’re getting push-back…

Homework Magic

The ideas I penned in this blog back in 2017 are now part of my book Doable Differentiation. Yes, I finished that novel, and yes the same strategies work to motivate students…
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