Team Effectiveness

Effective teams enjoy collaborating and get things done. I help teams balance this ongoing polarity between task needs and people needs.

Whether your team is a group housed within a large organization or the entire staff of a small firm, I can help. For new teams, I focus on building a strong foundation. Customized facilitation services may include

  • Visioning
  • Leveraging team strengths and stretches
  • Improving communication
  • Working with conflict
  • Managing stress
  • Collaboration
  • Change
  • Finding personal meaning in the workplace

If you already have a team assembled but the members aren’t working productively or there is conflict, let’s talk to see whether the right starting place is with individuals, leadership, or the entire team. Occasionally, teams need to “clear the air” before learning to collaborate more effectively. If so, I meet with leadership, and most likely each individual as well, to understand each viewpoint. Together we’ll then shift our focus to reestablishing trust, working through difficulties, and setting new norms for moving forward.

Jungian, or Psychological, type is often the primary tool I use in this work. It provides a neutral framework for understanding differences in how people gain energy and approach work, process information and make decisions. Other tools I may call on are:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Strong Interest Inventory®
  • 360 Feedback Instruments
  • Neuroscience of Personality

“I have had the pleasure to learn multiple times with Jane Kise over the years. In every instance her creative design elements, engaging style, and ability to use multiple facilitation techniques have resulted in stellar learning and application. If you have a chance to have Jane design a custom learning event for your team or organization you won’t be disappointed. Guaranteed!”

Laurie Hillis, Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator-Consultant at Megatrain Inc.


As with many skills-based services, the most straight-forward way to talk about price is with that hated phrase, “it depends.”

Pricing for team effectiveness services depends on the size of the team, number of sessions, the resources and tools we decide to use, and other factors.

The bottom line, though, is meeting your needs. Let’s talk to discern the kind of engagement that will match your goals, make the most of available resources, and foster impactful learning for sustainable change.

Workshop versions

Creating Effective, Sustainable Professional Learning Communities
Professional learning communities (PLC) are meant to be teams that provide professional development to educators so that they can help all students reach mastery. In truth, not all groups of educators become teams where this can happen. Learn how to use one common framework, personality type, as a coaching framework that your PLC can use to improve communication, collaboration, and peer coaching in your PLCs. Contact me for information on onsite workshops or web-based support of PLC leadership teams.

Books about strategic planning

Looking at Type: Talking Points
This ready-to-go script, designed for an introductory MBTI® workshop, is written in an easy to use speech-style format. It includes all of the information necessary for an effective presentation. The sixteen personality preferences are clearly outlined and the script includes several sample exercises. Throughout the script, the trainer will find prompt points where personal stories or examples can be added. This script can be used as a stand alone product, although it has been designed to accompany the Looking at Type® (LAT) PowerPoint presentation.

Unleashing the Positive Power of Differences: Polarity Thinking For Our Schools

This book customizes the rich research and tools of polarity thinking for K-12 educators. Included are clear explanations of why we keep seeing pendulum swings for issues such as the Math Wars, the Common Core, teacher evaluation and others–and how we might better move forward. And, it’s filled with tools for leaders and teachers to use to improve initiative implementation, reduce resistance, and foster higher-level thinking in students.

Using the MBTI ® Tool in Organizations This binder combines the tools that Sandra and I have developed over the years for team building, leadership development, change management, communication and more. Complete with facilitation directions, notes and reproducible masters, it’s a resource you’ll return to again and again.

Work It Out: Using Personality Type to Improve Team Performance

Sandra Hirsh and I wrote this book to assist business leaders, managers, and consultants in simplifying the complex interactions between people at work. Each chapter explains a different method for looking at normal differences in human behavior and how type theory impacts leadership and management styles. Case studies and techniques to try make resolving personality conflicts and improving organization performance simple.