Intentional Leadership Certification for Coaches

This certification program is for other professional coaches looking to add to their own toolkits. Based on my Intentional Leadership framework, I teach this along with my colleague, Ann Holm. If you already have your International Coach Federation (ICF) certification, you can earn 12 continuing education credits after fully completing this program.

If you are interested in bringing intentional leadership training to your work setting but you are not a coach, have no fear! Ann and I offer workshops and coaching on this topic as well.

The Process

Intentional Leadership Certification for Coaches


  • The “12 Lenses of Leadership” framework
  • The synthesis of psychological type, emotional intelligence, and polarity thinking to leverage strengths and account for blind spots
  • The “priority focus” process leaders can use again and again to choose the right priorities given who they are, who they are leading, their current realities, and where they need to go


  • A copy of Intentional Leadership by Dr. Jane Kise and the Intentional Leadership Priority Cards
  • Leadership Priority Focus ™ for a personal leadership goal
  • 12 ICF CCE credits (you must complete all course requirements to receive credit)

Optional E-Learning Intentional Leadership Coach Certification

  • Coaches who also attend this module gain access to all of the Intentional Leadership tools, including:
    • Presentation slides
    • Coaching reports
    • Online Intentional Leadership Audit.
  • Module completion entitles the attendee to 12 ICF CCEs for completing all of the following requirements:
    • Attend the full-day course and two webinars
      • One group webinar for in-depth information on the coaching process
      • One 1-1 webinar tailored to fit your needs and how you will be using the Intentional Leadership Process
    • Complete and submit an Intentional Leadership Priority Focus for yourself and for a client, as well as a description of the process you used to coach the client.

Please contact me if you are interested in registering for a future certification session. I will get in touch when it is scheduled to ensure you have a space.