Authors and Associates

I work with an outstanding trio to make this program happen. They are:

DAVID STARK is a co-author of LifeKeys and a developer of the Train-the-Trainer workshop. He is also President of BusinessKeys International and BKChurch. These organizations provide consulting services in the areas of leadership development, culture enhancement, and business strategy. He has partnered with dozens of firms to clarify their business strategy and create a strategic road map for their organizations’ future.

He has also co-authored LifeDirections, and authored Reaching Millennials, Christ-Based LeadershipPeople Together, and Growing People through Small Groups. Stark holds a BA in biology and a M. Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary. He and his family live in Minneapolis.

SANDRA KREBS HIRSH is a co-author of LifeKeys and a developer of the Train-the-Trainer workshop. She has also authored over fifteen books on psychological type, including LifeTypes and Introduction to Type in Organizations which has sold over 2 million copies. Sandra is the principal of Sandra Hirsh Consulting, which provides workshop design and delivery and coaching for individuals in transition.

She is in demand worldwide for her expertise in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator ® instrument and its application to personal and organizational growth and development. Hirsh holds graduate degrees in American Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota. She lives in Minneapolis.

KAREN EILERS brings several years of experience working with thousands of college students on all aspects of career development. Her master’s degree in Student Development in Post-Secondary Education trained her to understand the needs of students and young adults and work with them effectively as they find their way.

She is MBTI® certified and says, “I firmly believe each person brings a unique combination of strengths and passions into the world. It just takes time and effort to uncover our unique abilities and find the right place to use them.” Karen coaches students and young adults on their education and career paths, and she also leads workshops and presentations for groups and organizations on the LifeKeys program, the MBTI®, and other career and personal development topics.