Leadership Development

Working with an external coach allows emerging and existing leaders to tackle serious issues and needs, as well as normal development goals, in a safe environment. Those who experience effective coaching understand its connection with the origin of the word “coach,” a vehicle for taking valuable people from where they are to where they want to be. This is the goal of leadership development. Possible formats include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Leadership Team Development

 My Intentional Leadership framework ensures that existing and emerging leaders deepen their understanding of their own strengths and needs for maximum effectiveness. They learn to recognize that what worked with one team or goal or situation may not work in another. The full learning experience calls leaders to examine strengths, blind spots, and priorities through three powerful lenses: emotional intelligence, personality type, and research-based leadership responsibilities. They walk away with the start of a personal plan and the processes to complete and use it and learn how to apply the frameworks and tools in each new leadership situation or dilemma.


“Your presentation made me reflect upon my own leadership skills and recognise the changes I needed to make to improve the delivery of my knowledge to the staff in my school. Because of the reflections you led me to, my style of presentation is now completely different. The immediate result was that my staff were receptive; a number of them commented on my new ‘style’ and how it made them finally understand concepts. I walked away for the first time feeling like I made an impact. I made that impact because of [Jane]!”

—Megan Switzer, Head of Curriculum, Australia

“My coaching sessions with Dr. Kise have proven invaluable. Her use of assessments, thoughtful questioning, and engaging conversation helped me to better understand myself and to clearly define my leadership philosophy.”

–Landon Pirius, Vice President of Student Affairs

“We would like to thank you for the magnificent job you [and Ann Holm] did at our Truly Nolen International Convention in the Dominican Republic. The presentations and workshops were outstanding. All the participants found the material very interesting, helpful and appropriate for all the different cultures [representing 28 countries] in the meeting.”

–Jose Lutz, CEO

Leadership development formats

I customize services to meet individual client needs, but the following formats are the most common: Executive Coaching: Coaching contracts are tailored to individual situations, but generally include
  • Concentrated introductory meetings to review assessments and creating a coaching plan. Assessments may include 360 feedback, a Jungian type instrument, MBTI Step III® to examine development, EQ-i2.0, and/or the Intentional Leadership Audit™.
  • Ongoing meetings, in person or via web conferencing, for several months.
  • Regular communication via email, an online goal-tracking/coaching system, or short phone calls
Group Coaching In this facilitated development program, group members coach and learn from each other. This alternative is less costly than 1-1 coaching and, while not appropriate for all situations, adds advantages of social learning.


As with many skills-based services, the most straight-forward way to talk about price is with that hated phrase, “it depends.”

For leadership development, it depends on the extent to which I tailor coaching or leadership team development, the number of participants, and the cost of books, assessment tools or other resources.

The bottom line, though, is meeting your needs. Let’s talk to discern the kind of engagement that will match your goals, make the most of available resources, and foster impactful learning for sustainable change.

Workshop versions

Intentional Leadership

Whether you choose a two, four, or eight-hour format for a leadership retreat or kick-off event, I tailor content to match your new initiatives or organizational goals. Besides delivering learning through engaging, thought-provoking activities, the program also launches each attendee on a personal development journey. This workshop is a particularly good option for those in finance, health care, and franchise organizations. Contact me to discuss your needs and various follow-up options that make learning stick.

Holistic Leaders, Thriving Schools

School leaders have all the responsibilities of business leaders. Layered on top, though, are another dozen responsibilities unique to those creating a learning community. I’ve created programs for K-12 leaders and for college and university leaders that synthesize these two sides of education leadership. Contact me to discuss how this development program differs from most leadership training, proven formats, and options for follow-up to ensure the investment results in positive impact for your learning community.

Books about leadership development

Step In, Step Up: Empowering Women for the School Leadership Journey Step In, Step Up guides current and aspiring women leaders through a twelve-week development journey to discover their personal leadership identity and overcome the gender barriers to leadership in education.
Holistic Leadership, Thriving Schools: Twelve Lenses to Balance Priorities and Serve the Whole Student Lead a whole-child learning environment where student engagement and success thrive. This practical educational leadership book guides school leaders in using 12 powerful leadership lenses and the stages of leadership development to overcome challenges and balance priorities while still supporting the whole student.
Intentional Leadership: 12 Lenses for Focusing Strengths, Managing Weaknesses, and Achieving Your Purpose If you’ve ever felt pulled in two directions at once as a leader, or been caught off guard when your team just doesn’t seem to “get you,” take a look at your leadership priorities and strategies through the three powerful frameworks synthesized here: psychological type, emotional intelligence, and the 12 Lenses For Leadership.
Differentiated School Leadership: Effective Collaboration, Communication and Change through Personality Type For decades, businesses have used the theory of personality type to coach leaders, improve team performance, and enhance communication. This book shows education leaders how to use type tools to build true learning communities in schools.

Introduction to Type ® and Coaching
This practical booklet outlines Jungian type theory, tools on using the framework for coaching, and information on the needs and best practices in coaching for each of the 16 personality types.

Work It Out: Using Personality Type to Improve Team Performance
Sandra Hirsh and I wrote this book to assist business leaders, managers, and consultants in simplifying the complex interactions between people at work. Each chapter explains a different method for looking at normal differences in human behavior and how type theory impacts leadership and management styles. Case studies and techniques to try make resolving personality conflicts and improving organization performance simple.