What is STEAM2? Differentiation for the Whole Child

“She made me do the green packet. No teacher should make a student do the green packet if she wants to do the yellow one. I don’t care if it…

If Learning Styles are “Out,” What’s “In” for Differentiated Instruction?

Recently, Bryan Goodwyn wrote an article on zombie education ideas that need to go six feet under for good. And, he rightly included teaching to visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learning styles, or…

Holistic School Leadership–Illinois Oct 5

I just learned that there are still a few tickets left for my workshop Holistic Leadership: Everyone Leading From Their Strengths on October 5, just outside of Chicago. Why attend? You receive a…

Typing from Afar

Name a movie or TV show and somewhere on the internet you can find someone’s blog, “The MBTI Types of the Characters of…” Name a well-known personality and chances are,…
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