Holistic Leadership Framework

The Holistic Leadership framework is a unique tool that features my research-based 12 Lenses of Leadership model. It provides you with a basis for:

  • Exploring the essential tasks of leadership
  • Identifying your personal natural path for leadership
  • Understanding your leadership fit with a position
  • Focusing on high-impact areas for you to grow

The best leaders build their style and practices on their strengths. Yet, every strength becomes ineffective when over-used–and they come with corresponding blind spots that may derail your intentions. Trying to turn weaknesses into strengths is usually a futile pursuit, and by definition we’re blind to our blind spots. So how do you leverage your strengths and avoid their dark side?

You need tools that help you look in the mirror and recognize not only the strengths on which you build your style, but those blind spots that, if not managed, have the potential to harm your career and the work, morale, effectiveness and futures of those you lead. This framework not only helps you take hold of those potential problems, but also helps you work towards improvement.

I developed this framework through thorough research into the roles and priorities of effective leaders, the deep need for polarity thinking to leverage these competing roles, the impact of emotional intelligence on leadership success, and the natural leadership styles of people with different psychological types. Vetted with leaders around the world, it became the basis for my book Intentional Leadership.

Experience Intentional Leadership through:

I co-teach this framework to other coaches with colleague Ann Holm.  If you’re a coach, I encourage you to add this to your own toolkit for helping others!

You are welcome to purchase the book at this link or purchase the priority cards using the PayPal button below.

Both products are also included in the workshops and coach certification sessions.