Neuroscience of Personality

The Neuroscience of Personality is a certification that allows coaches who use Psychological Type to go deeper. I was certified in 2012 as one of the first coaches trained to use these tools.


Dr. Dario Nardi at UCLA has captured the brain activity of people with different Jungian type preferences, providing strong neurological validity in the brain for the eight distinct cognitive processes and sixteen types. The visible differences are startling and compelling, allowing individuals to peer into their own minds and those of their colleagues.

The value to you

This framework is great for individual coaching, team effectiveness work, and seminars. It allows me to facilitate exercises that help people target “in-flow” experiences in order to increase creativity, improve efficiency, and enhance learning.

The rich information about the brain in general, as well as individual differences, provides objective information on strengths and struggles in everyday language. Case studies, visual maps, group activities and reflection add up to a learning experience that changes how people view themselves and others.

I use the Neuroscience of Personality framework often in my Team Effectiveness consulting. Visit the Team Effectiveness page to learn more about how I can help you and your team.