The Discovery Workshop

What it is

This workshop uses self-assessment tools, group activities, and varied strategies for synthesis to help participants come away with a new sense of their uniqueness and value as a human being.

What you get

All attendees receive copies of LifeKeys and the LifeKeys Discovery Workbook, morning and afternoon breaks, and lunch. You will also:

  • Discover your own LifeKeys: talents, spiritual gifts, personality type, values and passions
  • Understand who you are meant to be versus the roles you’ve learned to play
  • Learn to align your particular gifts, interests, and passions with careers or causes that are more meaningful for you

Who it’s for

If you’re wondering how to add meaning and purpose to life, looking for the right volunteer opportunities, rethinking your career, or simply ready for deeper self-discovery, LifeKeys is for you.

The LifeKeys process can also be adapted for teams to develop an awareness of the contributions of each member as well as their common mission.

When the workshop is held

Contact me for upcoming events or for information on hosting a LifeKeys Discovery Workshop.


Costs are set by the hosting organization. Contact me for information on how different hosts have arranged the details.

Who Teaches the Workshop

Dr Jane Kise or Rev. David Stark teach LifeKeys workshops for different churches and other organizations across the United States and Canada. We can also put you in touch with Certified LifeKeys Trainers in many areas of the world, including Finland, New Zealand, and Korea.

LifeKeys for Leaders Resource

The Train-The-Trainer Workshop

What it is

The LifeKeys Train-the-Trainer Workshop provides those who wish to guide others through the LifeKeys discovery process with essential background information, training techniques, resources and interpretation tools.

What you get

Participants receive copies of LifeKeys: Discover Who You Are, the LifeKeys Discovery Workbook, and the LifeKeys Leadership Resource. Workshop objectives include:

  • Affirm your own LifeKeys
  • Practice training methods and tips for teaching and interpreting each of the LifeKeys lenses: talents, spiritual gifts, personality type, values and passions
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the theory behind the Strong Interest Inventory™ and the MBTI® tool for career direction and team building applications
  • Apply LifeKeys materials in various settings: team building workshops, church-based seminars, career counseling, high school and college seminars
  • Learn how to integrate the lenses and encourage participants to continue the process

Who it’s for

Ministers and rabbis, volunteer coordinators and small group facilitators attend our sessions to learn how to lead LifeKeys workshops and book studies. Organizational consultants or to those who facilitate job transition support groups also attend, finding that LifeKeys adds new insights for career counseling and organizational development techniques.

When the workshop is held

Please contact me for upcoming events or for information on hosting a LifeKeys Train-the-Trainer workshop.


  • $250 for first person from a church (includes LifeKeys Leadership Resource)
  • $175 for second person from a church

Who teaches the workshop

Dr. Jane Kise and David Stark teach all sessions.

The Type and Spirituality Workshop

What it is

An opportunity to learn about the various ways people with diverse personality types approach the spiritual side of life. You will:

  • Experience different forms of prayer, study, meditation and worship to understand what appeals to you and others
  • Develop a framework for understanding patterns, based on type, of what attracts people to the spiritual journey and what pushes them away
  • Gain fresh insights into your own spiritual journey
  • Understand how different spiritual practices can offer rest and renewal for the the rest of life

Who it’s for

Perhaps you’ve wondered why others struggle with spirituality or perhaps you’re one of the strugglers! If so, this workshop is for you.

I am happy to tailor this session for general and women’s retreats as well. This is also a great chance for interfaith dialogue. I often teach this course in diverse religious and secular settings, where people from Christian, Jewish, BaHa’i, Native American, Unitarian and agnostic or atheist backgrounds have gathered to successfully learn, share and grow.

Cost and registration

Please contact me, since cost and registration are often contingent upon number of participants and when a group would like to meet.