Doable Differentiation Workshop in Minnesota

When groups do this exercise, EVERY item is rated “best” and “worst” by someone.

Join me at Learning Forward Minnesota on June 15 for Doable Differentiation–teaching around, not to–cognitive processes to meet the needs of all learners

Why attend?

With the Cognitive Processes structure that underlies Doable Differentiation, research shows that while one group makes up about 25 percent of students, but 60 percent of those who drop out of school.

Since the Processes do not measure intelligence, somehow traditional schools are leaving these students out. That isn’t fair or equitable.

During the workshop, you’ll engage in hands-on activities designed to help you recognize and meet the needs of these four very different approaches to perceiving the world of learning.

You’ll learn about 12 key strategies that can be used in many ways, from no-plan additions to current lessons to deep applications for entire units. And, through group discussions, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to meet the needs of today’s diverse learners.

Hope to see you there!

Jane Kise, Ed.D.

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Jane Kise

Jane Kise is a consultant and executive coach. The founder of Differentiated Coaching Associates and author of over 20 books, she works with schools and businesses worldwide to help create environments where everyone can flourish.